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I love the way my foul mind works.
Thursday, January 06, 2011
Closing the book
Greetings to all. "I speak my mind" will remain but I will not be posting here anymore.

I have moved to another blog.

Thank you fellow readers of this blog. Leave a comment if you want me to link you back to it.

Cheers! and have a great 2011
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Thursday, June 17, 2010
Crazy months to come
I haven't had the time to edit my photo's. So caught up with this final assignment of mine.

After this weekend, I should get a little better.

A lot is going on. Working on getting my grades back up, working on the webshow.

ITS CRAZY! The only person I can thank for keeping me sane, its God.

I got a lot of my plate and a lot to fix after I'm done with this presentation thats coming up this Wednesday.

See you guys real soon I hope? I don't want to give up blogging. I just need to make a whole load of post to release slowly :P
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Saturday, April 17, 2010
I wanted to update my blog. What happen? While I was updating it, the power went off and I lost my post. Amen.

What's up people? Yes I know I have been away. Collecting content for SPEAK! :)

I scored a beautiful A & B for my 4th Semester (A for Multimedia Web Development & B for Desktop Publishing).

I am taking 4 subjects right now and they all seem pretty easy so far.
Only 2 exam papers for my Mid Terms in May. The 18th to be specific.

I get one week off and I'm gonna go driving around Kuala Lumpur to get my barrings straight. Also, to find out where is this Sky Bar. So I can stalk celebs when they come down :D

If all goes well, my personal blog, the webshow & the webshow blog can generate some income. Yay! I would actually be earning some money! I like that :)

So here is to a good April. My brother is going to the PC fair today to pick up a bigger hard drive (1 terabyte) and Windows 7. Woohoo!
Video editing will be so much FUN! :)

Singing off for today. Got a wedding Dinner & Birthday party to attend later.
gah, need to bring my equipment. Much love!


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Saturday, February 13, 2010
Away for too long. Again
7th January? Last post? *tsk tsk tsk*

I have been lazy. Not busy, but LAZY. I have 2 assignments due right after my Chinese New Year Holiday (which has started today, all the way till next Sunday) then its back to 1 week of lectures and BAM Final exam and 2 weeks holiday.

Finally got a Nissin Di622 flash, works perfectly with my P5100. Pictures are awesome.

What has been going on in my life? Several things actually. Good stuff too!

My brother told my family about this sofa shop near his office that he passes by. One fine Saturday, we went over to the shop. Boy, the sofa's were awesome. Mum saw one, told my dad. Dad sat on it and he LOVED it. Oh, and they are recliners too! ;)

Came back home, played with the arrangement of the hall, got worried if the new sofa was too big. Went over to the other branch in Kota Damansara to see the other colours. Fancied the darker colour. Got the measurement.

On Monday, the 15th, my family and I will be cleaning up the house (since everybody is at home, we could use the extra help :D ) and we'll be marking the floor to determine the size of the new sofa. Woo hoo. The current sofa has been with us since 1993. I'll be taking a photo of it after we clean the house no worries xD

So, new sofa, then we'll paint the outside for good. Brother's 1972 celica is finally getting done up, thanks to Jeffery's friend who is a drifter and has contacts.. wooohooo.

That is all for today and now. I hope to be back soon. OH and update on my External Hard drive, it was the damn cable that had issues. -.-


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Thursday, January 07, 2010
It's about time
I know I have been away. Was trying to update my blog for a while. Haha, didn't happen. Need to take some photo's of the new members of the electronic family. :D

The laptop that joined us in August? Or something like that. Oh and the PS3. Woohoo and lastly the Rockband kit! Yeah!

So, it is a short semester in college right now. January till March. One week break for Chinese New Year in February and another one after exams in March :)

I helped out with Orientation this year and I guess I'll be helping out again in March. Woohoo!
Met the freshmen, some are kinda cool ;)

I'm finally dressing better to college (I think anyway) Got a few new handbags (Suemitraa? Handbags?? you sure?) Yeap, Charles & Keith to be precised. I blame Isabel for the addiction to it lol!

So, photo's should be up next week. Videos, a little longer. Finally rendering & burning them off once and for all. Oh, my brand new Western Digital Portable hard disc gave way somehow. Give me back my dataaa!!

Alright, I should be back next week. See yaa!


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Been hearing this word a lot lately?

6th December 2009
8.00a.m to 4.00p.m

Central Park, 1 Utama Shopping Center

- WALKABRELLAs objective is to highlight the plight of our chosen beneficiary.

- To generate awareness on Cerebral Palsy within the community.

- To achieve our objectives by entering the Malaysian Book of Records by getting and attracting the largest most number of people to participate in this walk-for-a-cause with their umbrellas open during our event!

What's in it for YOU?
- Upon completing the walk, participants are entitled to redeem goody bags.

- Be treated to entertainment provided by local acts, including bands from KDU College along with a bazaar and food stalls to enjoy!

Also enjoy a Michael Jackson special from my friends and I.
Its a performance you don't wanna miss! Trust me!
and don't laugh cuz I'm dancing ah! babi betul

All you have to do is purchase your ticket for a mere RM10!

Send your details to walkabrellatickets@gmail.com to register
and purchase your tickets!

Please include the following details:

Full Name:
IC Number:
Contact Number:
Address(for postage of ticket):

The ticket for this event is going at RM 10. You will be entitled to a goodie bag and an exclusive umbrella which will only be given on the day itself. =)

The method of payment is as below:

1. Bank-in (this will require a lil more work because you will need to bank in and fax us the bank slip.)

2. Call us and we'll send it to you in person (If its in the PJ area, it will cost you RM 10. NO EXTRA CHARGE!).

3. Call us and we'll post it to you! (this will require you to bank in the fees)

Jasmine Lee (016-9748-991)
Liu (017- 2973-801)
Ong (012-345-9932)

The bank number/fax number/ account information will be revealed when the information is sent to us to walkabrellatickets@gmail.com

Buy in a group if it is possible. This will make it easier for you and our crew. =) But do not hesitate to call even if you need only 1 ticket. We will send it to you with no extra charge! =)



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Sunday, October 25, 2009
Happy Birthday to me :)
I celebrated my birthday in college this year.
By that I mean, I had to go to college, had 1 mid term paper,
PR class to attend and ended the night as a happy 19 year old.

I drove to college that day. Kidnapped Jin Swan, Edward, Kaucy & Kathlyn.
Came home to find out my cake wasn't ready and my dad was
tinkering with the sink.

That itself put me through a bit of a headache, as I had planned to cancel
the party due to my lame emo'ness. Made me feel as if
I should have just cancelled it, and I wouldn't have to worry now.

Edward, Jin Swan, Kathlyn, Kaucy & I prepared the water balloons for the
fight later. We had one hell of a great time making it.

Sakinah offered to drop everyone back home. Thanks KEENKY! :D
After sending Jin Swan & Edward home, Keen was hungry.
So we stopped by the KFC near Kaucy & Kathlyn's place.
We were talking till about 3am.

An awesome way, to live my last year as a teenager.

Here are the photo's from the night.
I'm disappointed with the outcome of the photo's.
Only means one thing, external flash.. ngeeehehehe!


Half of the crowd. Alkaf, Daniel, Nadya & Addy joined later :)


I was telling Kaucy how I would probably have to eat wax on my cake thanks to the fiends who made me wait.


Edward explains the MassCom tradition. pfft


Million dollar shot. Yeah


Juria, Me, Tvanesh & Alkaf at the back.


Short person, wanting to be tall. lol. Anisah, Me & Alkaf.


Sexyback Trial shot :P


We're bringing SexyBack. YEAH!

Thank you all who came. =)
I *heart* you.

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